MSNBC Reporting


Another example of MSM anti—military, anti Bush—economy reporting:
On May 10, MSNBC's website had a major story about armed forces recruiting where they gleefully trumpeted:

(headline) Army, Marines miss recruiting goals again

(Sub head)More cash and appeals to parents, patriotism haven't reversed trend

But faced with having to come up with some plausible reasons to back up their story, they reluctantly said,

"'s an uphill battle. A decent economy is steering many potential volunteers into private sector jobs."

A "decent economy"? The unemployment rate is at near—historic lows——lower than the average of the go—go 90's——and we've added some 3 million jobs in the last two years.  Housing is selling like crazy. These are the "good old days" that we'll look wistfully back upon from the low point of the next inevitable business cycle.

Yet MSNBC struggles to find a way to slam both the military AND the "Bush economy." It's no wonder they're getting their head handed to them in the cable TV news wars.

Steve Feinstein   5 10 05