Mullahs fear the American military


A key element in the sudden cooperation of the Iranian mullahs with Russia and the IAEA is their increasing fear of the combined capabilities of the United States Armed Forces, with a huge industrial base, the so—called "military—industrial complex" of President Eisenhower's farewell address. When a problem arose with Osama Bin Laden hiding in caves at Tora Bora, the BLU—118/B thermobaric weapon  was rapidly created by the military—industrial complex.

Now Iran is at the top of the American agenda. The problem is they could have nuclear enrichment equipment deeply buried in hardened bunkers. So first we would need to locate the bunkers. Fox News has the necessary info in a report  on their website giving the location of the tunnels with the enrichment equipment located inside the city limits of Isfahan. A simple satellite scan would provide the accurate GPS coordinates. So what we need now is a non—nuclear bunkerbuster, something along the lines of a  Hard and/or Deeply Buried Target Defeat Capability (HDBTDC) weapon . Do the mullahs want to take a chance it isn't ready and deployable now?

Bruce Thompson  2 28 05