NPR Poet slams business, big oil, global warming deniers


Andrei Codrescu, NPR Poet Laureate and a professor at Louisianna State University (located 90 miles away from New Orleans) pays homage to New Orleans in a brief essay found here. While you might expect some degree of sympathy for the victims of the plight, instead Codrescu uses the purportedly non—partisan, taxpayer—funded NPR to blame big oil and global warming for the disaster.

He sternly warns that deniers of global warming are now seeing the rewards of their denial. He also celebrates the art, food and music of New Orleans but then besmirches the city by recalling it's history as a former huge brutal slave market and an entrepot for guns, slavery and rum—running that inflicted much pain on people in Central and South America (as well as the Caribbean). He blames the poverty of the area on the greed and incompetency of unnamed others; says we know "the poor will pay for this, as they always do" and that the country's garbage flows in to New Orleans — the sins of the nation.

Yep...non—partisan, just as they are obligated to do by their government charter and under applicable laws and funding restrictions.