NYT and the UN scandals


A new chapter seems to have opened for the New York Times in covering the scandal—plaugued United Nations. Formerly, the paper of liberal record barely noticed the scandals, prefering to devote itself to arcana such as the membership of a golf club in Georgia.

But now that indictments have been handed down, and it is downright embarrassing to be so completely scooped by the New York Sun, the Gray Lady is paying attention, and even grabbing the lead in collateral stories.

Today, the Times seems to have the lead in covering the investigation of a Ghanaian associate of Kojo Annan, and his possible involvement in bribery related to a $30 million contract for renovation of a Geneva—based UN agency.

Nor that the story can no longer be ignored, the liberal press will seek to find a way to minimize it. Right now, it looks to me like the odds are that Kojo is going to be scapegoated as the single errant factor corrupting an otherwise "good" institution. But only time will tell.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky

Thomas Lifson   4 16 05