NYT "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" '05


As you read this there's a New York Times story about the disparity of incomes in America that's falling on thousands, if not hundreds of deaf ears. This thinly veiled anti—Bush piece about the rich gettin' richer (thanks to Dubya's tax cuts) will only serve to tick off the poor (non—NYT—type) people who hear about the article from their rich employers. Oh right...that probably won't be the topic of conversation between Times readers and their less fortunate domestics during their Monday morning chore review. It's not that it's not worth reinforcing how bad Republicans are for the working class, it's just that most of them wouldn't understand all the big English words needed to explain the intricacies of socialism verses 'The American Dream'. Not to mention the feeling of resentment it may stir in the hearts and minds that might boomerang and nip them in their derriere. And besides, according to Howard Dean the working class are all Democrats already.
Joe Crowley   6 5 05