NYT's suspicious timing


The rise of 527 groups has been well—documented and discussed over the last year. The pro—Kerry 527 groups have had a phenomenal run of successes against George Bush and have had a huge fundraising lead over pro—Bush 527s. The Republicans initially suspected that these groups did not pass muster under the McCain—Feingold law and have ignored them. Yet the Federal Election Commission has refused to recognize this loophole and are continuing to allow 527 groups to flourish.

Until the Swift Boat ads put out by a group opposing John Kerry started doing damage to his campaign, the New York Times has remained silent regarding the propriety of 527 groups. Perhaps they were influenced by all those full page ads in their paper put out by, among others, the notorious anti—Bush Moveon.org.

Now the Republicans are finally beginning to form and to fund 527 groups. Undoubtedly, the Republican Convention will be a prime recruiting ground for further pro—Bush 527 groups so the Times suddenly decides to find fault with them in this editorial. To say the least this is another example of the bias at the Times in deciding that what is good for the goose (Kerry) is not good for the gander (Bush).

Don't they realize how transparent this betrayal of objectivity will be seen, now and to future historians? The Times used to be highly respected.

Posted by Ed   8 31 04