Oh please let it be true


I have long thought Spaniards were out of their minds in the 2004 election and would in time grow tired of the little schmuck they ended up electing prime minister in the wake of a Madrid train—station terror bombing, Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Spaniards are too good for Zapatero, a rabid common—sense—free socialist utterly beneath his office.
Barcepundit now reports that that's happening. The little creep has tumbled in the political approval polls. People don't trust him anymore. And why should they?
Ever since he got into power, Spain's been falling apart. The Basque terrorists, seeing a weakling roll in, have taken a cue and stepped up their terror attacks and independence demands. This has alarmed Spaniards, who had long thought separatism and terror were dead. They were under Aznar, all right, but not so under Zapatero. Leadership is the difference.
The litany of blunders continues. Zapatero recently signed off on gay marriage in Spain, which is hard to imagine going down well in at least nominally Catholic Spain. It's since been swiftly condemned by the new pope as 'iniquitous.' Zapatero's gay marriage bill is quite an interesting way to start out with a pope who's otherwise preoccupied with successfully charming the shark—like Western media. And quite a name to give to Spain.
Zapatero's not just annoyed the pope though. He's also annoyed the U.S. quite beyond his election night electoral insults. He offered to sell weapons of war, like warships and tear gas to Hugo Chavez's Venezuela. In an era of U.S. containment of this thug regime in Caracas, which is spreading havoc all over South America, this is one arms sale the world can do without. It's an act that's making Spain's international reputation grow very ugly indeed. Hat tip: Daniel.   
Zapatero does not have full control in parliament, so he's still someone who can get the boot from power. Let's hope it happens very soon.
A.M. Mora y Leon 04 24 05