Oh, those Dems


Reader Miguel A. Guanipa, of Whitinsville, MA, shares his thoughts on the Democrats' reaction to the President's Social Security initiative:

Oh how those Democrats rail against the President for trying to touch that third rail of politics. Think about it though. The same Democrats who only 4 years ago were railing against the President's budget for not paying enough attention to the perilous state of Social Security are now standing on the other side yelling at him for paying too much attention to it.

I am not kidding. Look it up. Robert Byrd, Pat Leahy, Carl Levin, Ted Kennedy, and even our great Beantown hope, John Kerry; all were singing a different tune in 2001, and passionately claiming the need to take prudent steps to ensure the protection of this program for the future generations.

What happened? Surely they don't want voters to think that they are merely acting out of plain animosity for the President and ignoring the merits of his proposal, which is not a far cry from what they themselves were saying only four years ago? File that under "partisanship..Bah Humbug!"