Omedetoo gozaimasu ("congratulations!") to PM Koizumi


A new era will continue in Japan. Call it thie Koizumi Era: a restoration of Japan's prominent role in world affairs. As the second largest economy in the world and a key democratic ally in the Pacific, Japan has begun bolstering its defense forces, has sent assistance to Iraq, and has begun to see the folly of its ways in directing an overwhelming percentage of its investment to China (progressively being diveretd to other nations such as India, recently).

Prime Minister Koizumi will continue his plans to give the freedom to the Japanese people to take control of the trillion—plus in savings imprisoned in the sclerotic Japan Post savings accounts. This will be directed by market forces, investing in productive businesses to help ensure that funds will be available to meet the mounting challenges coming from an increasingly aging society in Japan. The incredibly talented and inventive people of Japan will face fewer barriers in the future that have prevented their potential from being made manifest.

Very good news.

Ed Lasky  9 11 05