Once again, the deep root of Islamic terrorism


In case anyone still doubts that a twisted, evil theology is at the root of the terrorists, and not poverty, the Palestinian problem, political grievances, and so on (which I still read from the popular press and scholars), then one needs only to link here and here for evidence that should dispel all doubts.

Also, these are the words spoken by al—Zarqawi, just after beheading Eugene Armstrong:

'Now, you have people who love death just like you love life. Killing for the sake of God is their best wish, getting to your soldiers and allies are their happiest moments, and cutting the heads of the criminal infidels is implementing the orders of our lord.'

This sadoreligiosity comes from evil, not poverty, not a misunderstanding, not a failure to communicate, not the US's foreign policy, nor a legitimate political grievance.

Other radical groups within various countries believe that they have the right to offer those same reasons, but they are not gleefully beheading innocent aid workers.

The American Thinker has published two articles that provide a deeper analysis of their motives here and here.

The false motives for terrorism, which constantly circulate around the world over the internet, in print, and on television, must constantly be exposed, so that the true, deep, and triggering motive can come to light. Only then will moderate Muslims rise up to reform their religion from within—we can only hope.

James Arlandson  9 23 04