Open Letter to Teddy Kennedy


This letter could easily be worded as an attack, but more can be accomplished by making it an inquiry. The questions regarding your actions of late are so great that I, for one, am really not capable of understanding what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Do you really feel your efforts will cause the US to suffer less casualties in Iraq? It seems logical to an impartial viewer that you are not considering the psychological effect of your words both on the morale of our troops and of the opposition.

Do you really feel that your efforts will cause the conflict in Iraq to end sooner? The same impartial viewer could not find a way to believe any sane man could believe this.

Do you really feel that our immediate departure from Iraq would make the Iraq a better place? It is so obvious that Iraq would immediately decent into civil war, that no one could believe that.

Do you really believe that our cutting and running from Iraq would improve our position in the world community? There is no doubt that such an action would cause a great morale boost for our enemies. It would clearly show we have no backbone and can be pushed around politically.

Do you really think the Moslem extremists (a tiny, but powerful minority) want peace, democracy or anything other than totalitarian rule over the world? Read what they write. They clearly seek to spread their politics and religion across the world, leaving dead bodies in their wake.

And lastly, do you really believe your politically motivated, hateful, ill—considered words will have any positive effect, of any kind, on the world at all? Do they help our troops, our allies, people who believe in democracy, or even your own party? More importantly, don't you see, upon reflection, that you share many of the same goals of the enemy?

Are you nuts?

Jim Gammon
Manasquan, NJ