O'Reilly vs. Donohue


Last week, Phil Donohue was on the O'Reilly Factor, locked in a debate about Cindy Sheehan and the anti—war movement that has been Donahue's passion his entire career. 'Do you really want to send more young men and women to die in Iraq?' asked the former daytime talk show host.

'If we were to cut and run out of there like you want to do, we'd be putting every American in a thousand times more jeopardy than they're in now,' said O'Reilly.

'We're gonna cut and run anyway,' replied Donohue. 'Military commanders have said we're going to start drawing down next year,' he added.

'That's not the same thing as cutting and running,' retorted O'Reilly. 'You are a cut and run type of guy,' he said, pointing his finger at the man best known for his ultra—liberal philosophy.

'You wouldn't send your children to fight in this war, Bill. Would you?' Donohue said.

O'Reilly responded with, 'My nephew just enlisted in the army. You don't know what the hell you're talking about.'

Donohue was caught off guard and replied contemptuously: 'Very good. Congratulations.'

A visibly angry O'Reilly, jabbing his finger toward his guest, barked: 'Yeah, and he's a patriot. That boy made a decision to serve his country, so don't denigrate his service or I'll boot you right off this set.'

Donohue, trying a pathetically weak comeback, mumbled, 'I'm not.. I'm not...' but was interrupted by his host.

'Do not denigrate him, or you're out of here!'

'Your nephew is not your kid,' Donohue replied, trying to regain composure.

'He's my blood!' O'Reilly growled. 'You have no clue about how to fight a war on terror or how to defend your country. You and Ms. Sheehan are clueless. For her to say the insurgents have a right to kill Americans and for you to shake her hand,' he sneered, 'you ought to just walk away.'

From that point on, Donohue used his same old, hackneyed approach to debates; he continuously accused O'Reilly of wanting to send people to die in war.

The problem with people like Donohue is that they believe if they simply refuse to fight a war, somehow, their enemies will give up and go away. They live in a nebulous world of sweet dreams and foolish fantasies. They're cute in a way, much like children, who, because of their tender age, are nae enough to believe that all people are kind, decent, and incapable of evil intent.

Perhaps it's a sad commentary on the human condition, but we all have to grow up and face reality. After 9/11, the U.S. government was forced to face the reality that suicidal fanatics are willing to fly airplanes into our buildings. President Bush took the fight to the terrorists by invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Since then, we have not had any more terrorist attacks on our soil. If Donohue or any of his leftist comrades had been Chief Executive, they undoubtedly would have begged the terrorists to have mercy on us. They would have initiated a study to determine what we did to make them hate us. Then, they would have made peace offerings to the killers in the hope that they'd spare our lives.

Prior to WW2, Neville Chamberlain did the same thing with Hitler. He appeased the power hungry monster by agreeing to allow him to take over parts of Europe without interference from England. That only served to make Der Fuhrer stronger and more confident in his ability to challenge the world. England was paid back and then some for her anti—war stance when Germany launched an air invasion 'blitz' on London that lasted for months.

Since Oprah booted Donohue's rear end off the airwaves about 10 years ago, the sappy, bleeding heart of NBC has been searching for a cause. True to his leftist proclivities, every 'cause' he supports has an anti—America theme attached to it. He backs Ms. Sheehan because she's one of that ugly mob of Bush—haters who pretend to be loyal to this country, while secretly hoping the war in Iraq is lost.

When O'Reilly asked Donohue if he thought Saddam was a good guy, he received the expected answer: 'No, Saddam was a bastard, but he was our bastard.' In other words, the U.S. used to have cordial relations with Iraq. Well, thanks to Chamberlain, England had similar relations with that strutting little bastard sporting the square mustache, but that soon changed. Saddam in the 1990's was Hitler in the 1930's, and President Bush followed the sage advice of Santayana: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
Bob Weir   9 25 05