Re: the McCain gambit


Reader Michael Easton of Kansas City, MO writes us about Richard Baehr's article today:

I'd like to think this "gambit" story is a mistake. Mainly because I think it is a mistake. Certainly, McCain can appeal to moderates on both sides of the aisle. But as has been pointed out by pundits, polling from the last Presidential race indicates that conservative voters turned out to elect a conservative to the White House, not a moderate. We should not deviate from that path, it would cost us at the polls. McCain has sided with Democrats so often and been so noncommital to the Bush agenda, I wonder how many Republicans could actually throw their support behind him? It would be more honest if McCain would simply switch parties and cast himself as a Lieberman—style Democrat.
And Jeb Bush should think twice about entering the fray on a national level. His state is a disaster; and while the Left could not call a McCain/Bush ticket a candidacy of "Right Wing fanatics" the sorry condition of Jeb's state is ammo enough! We would get to re—live his state's foster care debacle, the voting scandals of 2000, and Terry Schiavo all over again!
I'm not suggesting we concede the 08 race, Hillary has enough baggage of her own to make running against her a thrilling ride regardless of the outcome. But it seems to me that more time will have to pass before a clear picture of the Republican Presidential candidates arrives. If McCain is to get the nod, my opinion is that he must be balanced—out with someone that conservatives genuinely believe will have their values in mind. In a perfect world, Condoleeza Rice would run; if the Republicans got not only the first woman, but the first black woman, elected President, the Left could kiss their party goodbye forever.