A mother's love is boundless.  Usually, no matter the child's actions, a mother's love remains, even while disciplining the child for misdeeds.  But even a mother's love has limits; when the behavior has become so excessive, so terrible, the child is rejected, eventually.  
Something equivalent to breaking a mother's love has occurred in Houston.  Houston's CBS radio affiliate, KPRC, has abandoned native son Dan Rather, dropping his news and commentary broadcast.  His behavior was too excessive for the parent; might have harmed the other programs. 
And speaking of mothers——the program director Ken Charles who canned Rather was shocked! shocked! at the reaction of a few liberals who disagreed with his announcement.  Instead of reasoned argument they disparaged his mother.  And he thought liberals were nicer. Mr. Charles' mother just might have agreed with her son's decision.

Ethel C. Fenig  9 28 04