Riding their pet dinosaurs


John Podhoretz is in great form this morning, writing about a media symposium in which he appeared, in which all the other participants were predictably moaning and groaning about the rise of new media competition. The emergence of the Swift Boat Vets' critiques as the dominant story of the campaign has clearly shaken them up. John aptly writes

I feel like I was the only one who didn't arrive at the Harvard Club riding on my pet dinosaur.

I confess to unseemly glee as I watch the death throes of the media grandees. A decade ago, I was quite sad about the decline of daily newspapers, having grown up reading as many dailies as I could get ahold of. But the past decade has seen disgrace after disgrace, at an accelerating pace, as the old media turn surly, as well as farther left in tone. Like a quack physician prescribing the wrong medicine, they only think to increase the dosage, and have passed the point of toxicity.

Hat tip: Alex

Posted by Thomas  8 30 04