Sanity is contagious


Miracle of miracles! Pakistan's President Musharraf is in India for a three day visit, dubbed "cricket diplomacy," because he and the Premier of India, Manmohan Singh, will be watching their two nations play a cricket match.

But both countries have a lot more than sports on their minds. The flashpoint of disputes over territory in Kashmir, claimed by both countries, has lately been calming down, with the first—ever bus service between Indian and Pakistani—administered zones recently started. In the face of a mutual interest in stopping Islamic terror, and undoubtedly encouraged by the brilliant diplomacy of Secretary of State Rice, with the full backing of President Bush, the two countries are acting far more sensibly than in the past. Both are extremely valuable allies of the United States.

It will undoubtedly be many years before we see memoirs published informing us of what exactly was said, and what was promised/threatened, during Secretary Rice's recent visits to India and Pakistan. But already momentous changes have been made.

President Bush is a visionary leader, and his Secretary of State a masterful diplomat. Already, they have accomplished astounding feats of diplomacy, akin to persuading lions to lie down with lambs.

The prospect of greater harmony between India and Pakistan is highly momentous, as is the recent strengthening and deepening of the strategic alliance between India and the United States.

Don't hold your breath waiting for President Bush's critics to recognize the extent of his achievements. But I find the first few months of the Bush/Rice displomatic team to be sinmply breathtaking.

Thomas Lifson   4 16 05