Schumer's Turnin' Back the Clock


Senator Chares "Chuck" Schumer, during an Executive Session of Congress on May 18th, accused Janice Rogers Brown of standing for the 'philosophy of the 1890's'.

Senator Schumer was attempting to demonstrate the merits of the Democrats' vehement opposition to Judge Brown and justify the filibuster of her nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals bench in the D.C. Circuit (one step below the Supreme Court).

First of all, what is the 'philosophy of the 1890's'?  According to Schumer, it's this: '...if you had a lot of money and power, you could do whatever you wanted.'

That sounds an awful lot like Bill Clinton's 1990's, doesn't it?  Remember his mantra, 'Because I could'?

Now that Judge Brown has been confirmed by yesterday's Senate vote (56—43), Schumer has begun a new crusade, and it's he that is turning back the clock. Schumer has started a campaign to get long time DJ Bruce Morrow a job.

'Cousin Brucie' began his career spinning records on New York radio in the late 1950's.  He was fired this past week by WCBS—FM and replaced by an electronic simulation designed to replicate the iPod experience.

With this campaign, it can be said that Schumer is attempting to bring the country back to a time we were forced to accept whatever the 'powerful' wanted us to hear on the airwaves.  Nothing against Cousin Brucie, but Uncle Chucky is going to lose this one too.

J. James Estrada   6 9 05