Shine a light into the heart of the night


Ray Nagin, Mayor of New Orleans, was blown away by the reality that befalls a city armed with a category three defense in the face of a category four hurricane. Whereas Noah heard from God and followed His instructions to survive the coming flood, with his family and the world's animals — from the Aardvark to the Zebra — Nagin seems to have turned his back on reason and instead chose to rely on the Greyhound.  While the luxury buses never arrived to take the people out, Nagin is now saying, against all advice, 'bring 'em in!'  We are still in hurricane season and there are serious medical concerns in the recovering city.

While Nagin blamed racism for his failure to get the poor out, he is too fast to see them return.  Why?  Because the authorities (Whites?) say it's not prudent to do so? 

The Mayor has spent quite a bit of time with Preacher T.D. Jakes (Nagin even purchased a home in T.D.'s homestead of Dallas).  Surely Jakes can advise Nagin that when Noah thought it might be time to return to dry land, after 40 days, he first sent fowl of the air to seek a sign of life; first a raven, then a dove.  These two attempts were not successful.  Finally, on the dove's second attempt, the bird returned with an olive branch in its beak.  When the dove was sent out a third time, seven days later, it did not return.  Even then, Noah did not move from his place of safety until God told him, 'Come out of the ark...'

If God can not get our attention during days of devastation and despair, what then will it take?  He loves us too much to leave us to the whims of God—haters in America.  He has been removed from schools, from courthouses, from town squares, even from some church pulpits.  If He is totally erased from the land, we will then be like the first raven and the first dove which found no place of peace.  Mayor Nagin, let's think about this.  The raven is black.  And the dove is white.  Both were in the same boat (literally) in that they were subject to forces at work in high places.  Why not extend an olive branch and bring peace to this potentially muddy situation?  Do you think you are the mayor by accident?   Recognize this time of decision as your time to bring new ideas to an old problem.  Why not shine a light into the heart of the night down in New Orleans?

J. James Estrada   9 19 05