Sixty years ago


Sixty years ago World War ll was beginning to end.  Yes, there were battles still to be fought with tragically still more deaths for the United States but finally 5 1/2 years after Germany invaded Poland in September, 1939 and 3 years after Pearl Harbor  there was some hope.
The numbers of those who lived through that awful time are diminishing rapidly, that period has increasingly become ancient history for many.  And so as the neatly rounded number commemorations begin it is important to listen and learn.  And to correct the distortions of those grotesques who don't understand evil, who make no distinction between those fighting the darkness with the darkness itself, who consider all combatants morally equivalent——the United States, of course, can always be blamed though.
The commemorations are beginning: 60 years since the liberation of the hell of Auschwitz; Germany particularly noted the anniversary of the Allied firebombing of Dresden. (Personally, I will go on record stating the Allies should have done this to more German cities earlier as it would have ended the war more quickly thus saving more lives). 
(Advance warning: on August 5, 2005 there will be the usual crocodile tears over the atomic bombing of Hiroshima——see the first paragraph.)
Out in the Pacific, the battle of Iwo Jima began.

Ethel C. Fenig   2 20 05