Spain beginning to despise Zapatero


Spain's cowardly, anti—U.S. Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has finally gotten what was coming to him, as Spain's voters realize just what a loser they have in front of them. Franco in Barcelona writes that Spain's polls are showing his voter approval rate slithering down to 35%.

Zapatero, who was elected to office in the immediate aftermath of the 3/11 al—Qaida train bombings in Madrid last year, made it to office in a haze of voter confusion. How it happened is complex, and there was resentment over the war in Iraq. However, much of Zapatero's support came not from Madrid, but the northern Basque country, where many voters resented the initial missteps of the government of Jose Maria Aznar, a good man, whose officials tried to fob the terror attack off on Basque separatists.

But even if it was a misstep, there was something in the voter response that emboldened the Basque terrorists. Ever since Zapatero the weakling took power, Spaniards have eyed the sudden rise of Basque terrorism, something that wasn't going on when Aznar was in power. They don't like this. They don't want to see Spain breaking apart. No wonder they don't want a fool like Zapatero around. Franco, the Barcepundit has the demise of the weasel here.

A.M. Mora y Leon 06 16 05