Spain's referendum on the EU Constitution


Spain is much more important to Americans than most of us realize. Aside from its importance to Europe, where its rising economic might is being felt, the cultural and historic ties of Spain to the Western Hemisphere make it a cultural superpower, far more important than the French pretend to be. Only Britain had a mightier empire, and that was a chancy thing. Writing from California, the importance of Spain is obvious from all the Spanish place names.

The English language blogosphere is lucky to have Franco Aleman, writing as Barcepundit, to keep us up to date on the eimportant developments in Spain. Today, as the Spanish vote on the EU Constitution — a power grab reinforcing unaccountable forces versus accountable national authorities — Franco is livebloggin the Spanish vote. Click here to follow the the vote count, and be way ahead of the MSM. As usual.

Thomas Lifson   2 20 05