Stone's cold change of heart


It seems Oliver Stone has had a change of heart over the past couple of weeks. Here, all he can talk about is how his new flick will tell the story of 9/11 heroes. But I guess that didn't get the "we can hardly wait" response he and his publicists were hoping for.

So now it looks like they're gonna try hitchin' a free publicity ride on the anti—Bush "wrong—wrong—wrong" train (please take note of the first feedback post there). They must've been out to lunch this past November when that particular train crashed and burned on the Kerry campaign trail.

Either that or they must think America's collective attention span is as short as the lines have been at movie houses lately. At the very least I hope it won't be another three hour "back and to the left" agitprop to help Ollie pay the rehab and legal fees from his latest DUI.
Joe Crowley     7 29 05


Stone may be beyond rehab.