Taxing thoughts


Liberals claiming to be deficit hawks, are always quick to point out how much money conservatives or Republicans have saved due to recent tax cuts the GOP pushed through Congress. Today's New York Times does such accounting for President Bush and Vice President Cheney  

The Times did not provide the similar calculation for Times publisher Pinch Sulzberger, or any other Times executives.

After the initial Bush tax cuts passed, filmmaker Michael Moore and other tax cut opponents said they would use the tax cuts they received to contribute to left wing causes (presumably to help fight future tax cuts, to raise taxes in the future, and for all kinds of other worthy causes). But using the money in this way (however noble), does not address the current and projected budget deficit — presumably their primary worry.  If the federal government is adequately funded today (as Paul Krugman argues it should be), then it is more difficult to "starve the beast" (and cut social welfare programs).

There is no law that prohibits any American from paying more taxes than he is required to pay. The US government accepts contributions from its citizens.

Richard Baehr   4 16 05