The ancient jihad


Melanie Phillips recalls a bit of history the Islamofascists and their friends on the world left would rather forget: the kidnapping and enslavement of Western Christians in the name of jihad. Facts are stubborn things, though the airbrushers of the left do their best to confine them to the Memory Hole. The fact is that Islam historically expanded via sword more than persuasion, and has always and still seeks to rule the ewntire world as a theocracy. This is a scriptural injunction.

For a few centuries, the West has managed to roll back Islam from the gates of Vienna, and that sucess has led many Muslims to see themselves as victims of aggression. But we are fools if we ignore the defensive nature of the West's response. We are more than willing to let Muslims live and worship in peace. But they must extend us the same courtesy, even if it means renouncing some parts of the inerrant Quaran.More than an Osama bin Laden, Islam needs a Martin Luther of its own.