The "dirty campaign"


Venezuelan Information Minister Andres Izarra is stomping his feet and crying because the mean ol' US media is being so nasty to Marx—crazed tyrant Huga Chavez.

According to Izarra, continuous publication of information disclosing false data and making baseless accusations in US media has prompted the Executive to conclude that Venezuela is "indeed" facing a "media offensive," a "dirty campaign or war similar to the one launched by Otto Reich in the 80's, when he headed a public diplomatic office that was closed in 1987 because of its dirty campaigns."

We are proud of the role The American Thinker has taken in exposing the outrages and crimes of the regime. Nobody in the United States government has ever contacted us, or influenced us in our activites regarding Venezuela. They don't need to. We hate tyranny.

Hat tip: A. M. Mora y Leon

Thomas Lifson  2 21 05