The draft rumor


Memo to Karl Rove:
From:  Ed Lasky
Subject: Draft Rumors imperiling support for George Bush
Opposition forces are attempting to scare Americans into believing that President Bush will institute a draft if he is re—elected. This has taken the form of a viral e—mail campaign from the likes of Rock the Vote and other partisan Democratic front groups.

The messages rely on pending legislation of the dead—on—arrival variety: Senate Bill S89 and House Bill HR 163. The Senate Bill was introduced by the Democratic Senator Ernest Hollings and the House Bill by antiwar Democrats Charlie Rangel, Jim McDermott, John Conyers and John Lewis.

The e—mails alarmingly state that the Selective Service System still operates (as it has done, by law, for the past 20 years). Dan Rather of Memogate fame has jumped on the bandwagon using an interview with a supposedly nonpartisan  mother concerned for the safety of her children. Actually, she is an anti—Bush Democratic activist, though this is not disclosed by CBS. John Kerry has picked up on the theme as well—accusing President Bush of plans to renew the draft.
ACTION PLAN: deals with foreign policy. Clearly the upcoming foreign policy debate would be an advantageous time for questioners, or John Kerry himself, to bring up the issue. Bush should respond in a firm, resolute manner, disabusing people of this notion AND drive a stake in John Kerry and his front—groups' hearts by asking them why they are spreading this dangerous rumor — when the bills in question were introduced by DEMOCRATS and only have DEMOCRATIC support. Kerry is the one who used to have a plan to revive the draft on his web site. But he took it down so the American people wouldn't have a chance to see it after the rumor campign started.