The fall of Europe


Douglas Davis of the Jerusalem Post writes encouragingly about the wave a change he sees sweeping Europe, a once—in—a—generation phenomenon:

Europe is in the grip of a leadership crisis. And nowhere is the crisis more acute than at its very heart. Britain, Germany, Italy and France are all in the throes of political turmoil. And the leaders of these most powerful and influential components of the EU are experiencing intimations of political mortality.

Europe is on the cusp of the sort of sea change that occurs once in a generation, and that change could have far—reaching implications, draining the swamp of hatred for America and contempt for Israel that has been allowed to infuse the culture of Brussels.

THE POLITICIANS who are most likely be leading these key states within two years are unequivocal Atlanticists. They are likely to go at least some way toward healing the damage caused by the pacifist, secularist, post—national trend that has been slavishly followed by Chirac and his German understudy, Gerhard Schroeder. These are, after all, precisely the characteristics that make America and Israel anathema to Europe.

Hat tip: Ed Laksy