The friends of Paul Krugman


Enron adviser and NYT columnist Paul Krugman has also been employed by ex—Malaysian strongman Mahathir Mohammed. Krugman absurdly defended him against charges of anti—Semitism and ignored his role in framing deputy Prime Minister Anwar as corrupt and homosexual, in order to deny Anwar the possibility of replacing Mahathir as leader.

A Malaysian court has just found that the charges were scurrilous, and has awarded a record sum to Anwar as damages. Nothing can compensate him for his ruined political career, six years in jail, and physical torture (the real kind, not Abu Ghraib panty—headgear)

Uber—liberal Krugman saw no problem in Mahathir's attacks against Anwar. While in jail for six years on trumped up charges, Anwar was beaten. No apology has been forthcoming from Mahathir OR KRUGMAN.

Of course, Krugman never had a mea culpa over his being on the payroll of Enron, either.
Ed Lasky   8 18 05