The Gang of Five


Bryon York, author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, correctly notes that the Democrats were bankrolled in the last election by five major contributors, people whom I think should be heretofore referred to as The Gang of Five, for they are surely determined to set up a left wing government totally at odds with our elected government and Constitution.

Although Democrats often maintain that their unprecedented outside—the—party campaign against President Bush last year, led by the so—called 527 groups, was a broad—based, grassroots effort, it was, in fact dependent in substantial part on just five donors: financier George Soros, Progressive Insurance chairman Peter Lewis, Hollywood mogul Stephen Bing, and the California investors Herbert and Marion Sandler. Together, they spent about $78 million in the effort to defeat the president...

The 527 networks set up by these people have been called TheShadow Party by those who are carefully tracking their activities and aims. It is clear that their efforts to defeat the President and his foreign policy initiatives have not ended with the election but continue unabated, and little noticed by the legacy media.

Last week in AT reported Soros funded the conference at Yale Law School to rewrite the US Constitution in a "progressive" format. A story first reported here.

This week, it appears that Soros's money has been funnelled to  members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee opposing Bolton's nomination:

The pro—world government group known as Citizens for Global Solutions has given campaign contributions to four Democratic members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee now opposing John Bolton's nomination as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. In addition, according to Accuracy in Media (AIM), billionaire currency manipulator George Soros made financial contributions to six of eight Democratic members of the committee.

"Reporters like to say they 'follow the money' in political stories," said AIM editor Cliff Kincaid, "but they've ignored the financial facts that may help explain why liberals on the Foreign Relations Committee are opposing Bolton."

AIM's review of Federal Election Commission (FEC) data shows that a political action committee associated with Citizens for Global Solutions contributed financially to Foreign Relations Committee members Senators Barbara Boxer, Christopher Dodd, Russell Feingold, and Barack Obama. Citizens for Global Solutions used to be known as the World Federalist Association (WFA), a group that favors world government and global taxes on American citizens to pay for it. The organization, which is leading the opposition to Bolton through television ads and a "Stop Bolton" web site, also contributed to the Republican committee chairman Senator Richard Lugar, who declined to issue a statement of support for Bolton when his nomination was announced.

Two groups explicitly associated with George Soros  the Open Society Policy Center and the American Progress Action Fund —— are working with Citizens for Global Solutions to defeat Bolton. Soros, who spent $23 million in an effort to defeat President Bush's re—election, made financial contributions to six of eight Democratic members of the Foreign Relations Committee  Senators Obama, Boxer, and Bill Nelson, Joe Biden, Paul Sarbanes, and John Kerry.

Opposing Bolton is not all Soros is up to this week——He set up The Democracy Alliance which

will act as a clearinghouse and is expected to channel much of its money to new organizations and existing ones such as John Podestas Center for American Progress and David Brocks Media Matters for America.

The money details are several weeks away."There arent dollar figures at this point," Ingersoll said.

Soros, a Hungarian—born financier who donated more than $23 million to pro—Democratic 527 groups last cycle, gave the main presentation, said Ingersoll, who declined to name the other presenters.

"Primarily, we're looking at making recommendations and thinking through with these donors on how they can form an alliance," she added. "This is about creating a network of individuals to share information to be effective in whatever they do going forward."

Participants were tight—lipped, saying they wanted to keep media expectations low, even suggesting that the Scottsdale gathering was too insignificant to report. Other participants included former White House press secretary Mike McCurry and New Democrat Network president Simon Rosenberg. Andy Rappaport, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and reliable investor in liberal causes, did not attend the meeting, his spokeswomen said.

Podesta, of course, is Hillary's political beard.And David Brock's history could not be more sordid.And McCurry wasn't there for the sun. 

One must wonder how in the world a  head of a party so completely in the pocket of the world's most notorious moneychanger  and his very rich  lefty cohort can say, as Howard Dean did last week,that he intends to "chase the moneychangers" out of the temple. If he succeeded, where would his party be?

Clarice Feldman   4 20 05