The left continues to crumble


It is hard to believe that the Washington Post would publish such an attack as this. Even in a piece of opinion journalism. The writer accuises her neighbors, basically, of supporting Bush because they are in a panic, stupid , helpless, homophobic, anti—intellectual, xenophobic and are racists and believe Bush is one of them. She believes the Republican Party is full of heartless people.The author thinks of Bush as the man who should be in charge of buying burgers for the annual family Day cookout at church.

Much of the left, including many journalists at MSM outlets, has descended to a vile level of condescension in place of analysis, and are shoring up the failure of their social policies with the makeshift reinforcement of a belief in their own superiority. Needless to say, this does not exactly attract new voters from the other side.

Ed Lasky  9 25 05