The logic of Kerry's weakness


On Monday, Sept. 20, a day before President Bush was due to speak before the UN and ask for support, Kerry criticized Bush's failings in Iraq. One of the proposals that Kerry offers is to get out of Iraq by next summer. Read the Kerry campaign's version here and read David Brook's analysis here.
Now Kerry is sending this message to terrorists in Iraq:
Memo to terrorists: (1) Increase the violence between now and our elections, so my (Kerry's) chances of getting elected increase. (2) After that, decrease the violence just enough so that I can pull the troops out by next summer. (3) Meanwhile, secretly build up your forces and bombs until then. (4) After our pull—out, create chaos through violence so that you can take over in Iraq.
If this "memo analysis" seems outlandish, The American Thinker has published two articles here  and here that analyze what everyone knows by common sense: Terrorists prefer to fight weaker enemies, and Kerry is the weaker enemy.
A year ago——even a few months ago——the following statement would be absurd. But is it now? Here it is:
"A vote for a Kerry victory is a vote for terrorist victory."
Simple logic says the slogan is not absurd, not now.

Jim Arlandson  9 21 04