The Miami Cubans were right


Babalu blog's Val Prieto, who was profiled recently on the front page of the Miami Herald as a brilliant new voice of the often—dismissed Cuban—American community, has a striking update about the Elian Gonzalez case.
Back in 2000, the rescue of the 6—year—old Cuban refugee by fishermen off the coast of Florida triggered a three—way tug—of—war between Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, the cowardly Clinton Administration, and the Cuban—American community over custody of the child. The Clinton administration resolved the question with a savage pre—dawn raid, grabbing the terrified child at gunpoint from his Miami relatives and delivering him straight to the Castro regime, making a mockery of all that is known in the Cuban—American community about life under Castro's communist regime.
Val reports evidence is growing that Elian's father planned his own escape from Castro's Cuba and only claimed his son under duress from the Castro regime — exactly as the Cuban—American community had warned. It's well worth reading.
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