The Nazi heritage of radical Islam


It is never surprising to learn about the association between Nazism and radical Islam. Both groups are obsessed with Jews, and share the same ultimate goal of world dominance. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem spent World War II as a guest of Der Fuhrer in Berlin. The Baath parties were modeled on the Nazi Party. And on and on.

The Pittsburgh Post—Gazette has made available on the web a fascinating Wall Street Journal article previouslty available only to subscribers, detailing yet another, highly tangible, connection between Nazism and Islamists.

The juxtapositon of the two movements is very useful in clarifying the nature of the threat all of mankind faces. Nazism encompassed about 100 million people at its height — counting all the Croats, Austrians, Lthuanians, and others (like Quisling) who threw their lot in with the Nazis. The exact number of Islamists is unknown. Many would have us believe that they are a tiny fraction of the world's billion—plus Muslims. Readres are free to do their own math and compare the two movements.

Of course, the more salient comparison may be the response of the West. At least once the Nazis started their invasions, Chamberlain had the good grace to throw his support in with Chruchill, and help united the British; Joseph Kennedy returned to America with a cloud over his reputation (not that it prevented his children from becoming icons of the Democratic Party for decades). Regrettably, there are many today who would rather fight George Bush than the Islamofascists.

Hat tip: Rachel

Thomas Lifson   7 14 05