The new Russian revolution?


Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a man who knows what a real gulag is, warns that Russia could be facing an orange revolution (like Ukraine's) in the near future. In his first television interview since 2002, he said

"We have nothing that resembles democracy. We are trying to build democracy without self—governance. Before anything, we must begin to build a system so that the people can manage their own destinies.'

He said that the State Duma, dominated by the Kremlin's supporters, was acting 'as if it were drunk' and the country could face an upheaval similar to last year's Orange Revolution in Ukraine if the Government did not change course.

'An Orange Revolution may take place if tensions between the public and the authorities flare up and money begins flowing to the opposition,' he said.

Once again, the wisdom of our own Herbert Meyer, in predicting the increased probability of such revolutions, is being confirmed by authorities with impeccable credentials.

Thomas Lifson   6 7 05