The New York Times gets it wrong again


The Score? American Thinker 1, New York Times 0.

Less than a week ago, we debunked a trashy propaganda effort by the New York Times to paint Colombian President Uribe's war against Marxist terrorists as a losing effort. We called it The Fallujah Treatment  because it duplicated what they tried to do to U.S. troops during the battle of Fallujah. Back then, the mainstream media claimed Americans were 'losing' Fallujah well before the battle was finished. Their aim was to demoralize us.
After the Times piece on Colombia appeared, a slew of equally gloomy reporting followed because the mainstream media prides itself on herd behavior.
Saturday, Colombia's army reported a powerful victory  against the vicious, drug—trafficking Marxist FARC rebels. Eighty of their thugs were destroyed with minimal casualties taken by the Colombian Army. Not only that, a huge drug—trafficking operation was shut down. It's a significant gain in this war on terror, and less than a week after the New York Times reported that all was lost.
While we are at it, let's mention today's other news that Colombia, in the middle of a war, is paying off its sovereign debt early, making its international word as good as gold.  That's right, in Latin American, one nation, paying off its debt. Early. Tell me the last time you heard that happening.

What's going on in Colombia is a difficult war all right, and not without setbacks. But unlike the Times, we did some actual reporting about how the war was going, contacting our sources in the Pentagon, in the State Department, and in Bogota. The response on all fronts was that this war remained on track with no loss of resolve in Colombia to win. And we backed up those claims with evidence about U.S. spending on the effort — an amount unchanged from the year earlier.
The New York Times ought to take up journalism sometime.
A.M. Mora y Leon 02 20 05