The PETA massacre


Animal cruelty is certainly despicable, and there are plenty of studies suggesting that chidren who are cruel to animals, frequently turn into miserable adults — as child molestors, wife beaters, and  criminals who commit other violent acts.

So what are we to make of the fact that the a mass killing of dogs and cats has occurred at a PETA facility in Virginia? And that PETA employees routinely dumped the dead animals into trash bins every week for amonth?

PETA is, after all, the organization supposedly committed to protecting animals. It is also an organization which loves to compare the chicken industry to the holocaust, and fights any medical research efforts involving animals (humans, no problem).  PETA seems to have some sadists in their ranks.  If Dick Durbin is reading this, here is another holocaust anology to add to your repertoire for slandering the US military.

Richard Baehr   6 17 05