The retro/metro split?


This author makes some astute points in ridiculing the full—page ads the New York Times has been running for this anti—Republican malcontent. The ads disparage the Midwest, the South and the Plains while trumpeting northern regionalism and the Eastern states.

The ads and the free book being promoted are part of the vanity project of John Sperling, wealthy founder of the University of Phoenix. Sperling takes to task those "backward" regions who freeload off of US tax dollars.

What could be highlighted is that the University of Phoenix, and thus Sperling's fortune, is derived to a great extent from taxpayer dollars sent to him to cover the tuition for the students to his schools. These come in the form of educational grants, subsidies and guarantees for student loans (many of which are not paid back by the students and thus become US government obligations). Thus he is a freeloader.Hence the hypocrisy.The self—serving aspect derives from the fact that it is the Democratic Party that supports the expansion of these often wasteful programs and thus the augmentation of his fortune.

Posted by Ed  9 1 04