The UN covers for the Saudis


The feckless UN organ, the International Atomic Energy Agency, has worked with Iran to frustrate American efforts to restrict the mullahs' pursuit of nuclear weapons. Now it appears the agency, headed by the Egyptian Mohammed El—Baredei, is actively prepared to provide cover for Saudi Arabia's nuclear program.
Saudi Arabia is ruled by dictators that support an extremist version of Islam — Wahabbism — and jihad against the West, Christianity, and Judiasm. The Saudis have also been linked to prewar Iraq's nuclear program, to Pakistan's program, and to the nuclear arms merchant, A.Q. Khan. It has also expressed interest in Pakistani missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.
The IAEA and Mohammed El—Baredei need the Bolton blast of honesty and realism — now, more than ever.
Ed Lasky    4 20 05