There are no facts, only opinions


Western Civilization surpassed other civilizations on the basis of a belief in discoverability of truth through the use of man's ability of reason and experiment. With the rise of Postmodernism, which holds that there are only alternative narratives, and denies the possibility of objective truth, this foundation is being eroded.

Our contributor Diana Muir has uncovered a newspaper editor who has bought into the PoMo blather. When she challenged the accuracy of information appearing in the Danbury (CT) News—Times,

Editor Paul Sussman wrote that he does not believe that verifiable facts exist. "Some of the 'facts' you cite might be disputed by the other side... About the only thing beyond dispute is that learned people on both sides of this epic conflict have wildly different views of the facts and of reality."

Which raises the question of why anyone would bother reading the News—Times. Just to read a narrative admittedly not based on truth?

Thomas Lifson   9 09 05