Times and terror


The prime mission of the media is to report the news, not make it.  You know, the much derided "We report, you decide" Fox slogan.  Opinions are to be neatly tucked into an area known as opinion.  But lately the media seems to have strayed from their main function as they become the newsmakers as well as disseminators; the Dan Rather mess the most prominent.
But now comes word of reporters in the news, which if true, is truly shocking.  A journalist at the formerly revered New York Times  has been charged with alerting a charity with alleged ties to terror of an impending raid.  And rather than seek the truth the Times has been blocking subpoenas which would clarify the issue.

Obviously the reporter is innocent until proven guilty.  But does the concern of the Times over  protecting the reporters' sources to ensure confidentiality override interests of national security?  The courts will decide.

Ethel C. Fenig   9 29 04