Torture on British soil - where is Amnesty International?


George Galloway had apparently been on the payroll of Saddam Hussein via a faux charity he set up as a conduit to benefit from the oil—for—food scandal. He used his access to the media and politicians to defend Saddam to his fellow British. Galloway was kicked out of the Labor Party for a variety of offenses. He utilized racism and  anti—Semitism to win an election against a black Jewish woman, Oona King. He regularly defames America, England, Israel, capitalism, and the other usual suspects.

Now, the British police have discovered weapons and torture devices in the abandoned Iraqi Embassy in London clearly to be used to torture people on his native soil. How will his fellow citizens view him now? There is hope: allegations of voter fraud have erupted in the last hour that may lead to his election being overturned. Thousands of fraudulent postal votes were cast in the districts he won, the election in his consitutency was plagued by "ghost voters," and the electoral roll was a "complete shambles".

Once corrupt—always corrupt?

Galloway has been stalwart in continuing to defend Hussein and various terrorist groups. He associates with adherents of radical Islam in England. He is one of the loudest defenders of Arab dictators to his fellow British subjects. Now, will his fellow citizens, the media, and  his fellow—travelers see him for what he is?

The following are excerpts from an interview with British MP George Galloway, aired by Al—Jazeera TV on June 1, 2005.

Galloway: I am speaking for tens of millions, and maybe more, around the world, who know the truth about Iraq. Who know that the real criminals are in Washington. Not in the United Nations. The real criminals are in the White House, not in the Elysee Palace. The real criminals are in the Congress, not in the anti—war movement. So I have no respect for this...

This is one of the reasons why we need Al—Jazeera in English, so that we can reach the people who, if you can reach them, you can win their hearts. They are not bad people. The American people are not bad or evil people. But they are ruled by bad people.

Bush, and Blair, and the prime minister of Japan, and Berlusconi, these people are criminals, and they are responsible for mass murder in the world, for the war, and for the occupation, through their support for Israel, and through their support for a globalized capitalist economic system, which is the biggest killer the world has ever known. It has killed far more people than Adolph Hitler. It has killed far more people than George Bush. The economic system which these people support, which leaves most of the people in the world hungry, and without clean water to drink. So we're going to put them on trial, the leaders, when they come. They think they're coming for a holiday in a beautiful country called Scotland; in fact, they're coming to their trial.

I can't mention, I'm sorry to say, any Arab leader... Where is the... Nasser? Where is the Arab leader who will stand up and tell these people the truth? This is what we are waiting for.

We want to make reparation to the Palestinian people for the crimes of Balfour which were committed in the building behind me, when one person, on behalf of one country, promised a second people the lands of a third people — the Palestinians. We are determined that we should stop the privatization of basic services of the British people. We are determined to defend the liberty of the British people which is being taken away day by day under the name of anti—terrorism. Ancient freedoms, which we had for hundreds of years, are being taken away from us under the name of the war on terror, when the real big terrorists are the governments of Britain and the United States. They are the real rogue states breaking international law, invading other people's countries, killing their children in the name of anti—terrorism, when in fact, all they're achieving is to make more terrorists in the world, not less, to make the world more dangerous, rather than less. These are our priorities.

Ed Lasky  6 8 05