Uncircle the wagons


'Tis the weekend and talk of politics and war can bore. If nothing else, save this link for a later read, because this Weekly Standard essay by Christopher Hitchens is not to be missed. The insularity exhibited by the Bush Administration and it's impact on public opinion was this past week addressed here at AT by Mr. Meyer.

Mr. Hitchens suggests that the President uncircle the wagons and go on the offensive by voicing the unimpeachable case for having invaded and purged Saddam's Iraq. He also mentions the perfidy of the CIA in doing all it could to hamper our war efforts with a constant stream of "leaks."
We will probably not be sending a large contingent of additional troops to Iraq. And defeat in our war against the terrorist is a possibility, no matter how unthinkable we may view that outcome. Mr. Hitchens offers a  ten—point prescription for putting war critics on the defensive and bolstering our resolve that's a step in the right direction for minimizing that possibility.

Dennis Sevakis   8 27 05