Waiting for CBS's mea culpa


Those of us addicted to the unfolding Rathergate scandal are barely able to contain our eagerness to hear CBS's statement today, making it the last to admit that CBS presented forgeries to the American people. Press reports indicate that CBS will play the victim role ("misled"), and promise to get to the bottom of it.

We'll see. I am not expecting a full effort to investigate possible Democratic or Kerry campaign contacts with the source of the forged documents. I don't expect Dan Rather to admit that he was predisposed to believe the worst about President Bush, or note the history CBS has of presenting false reports on General Westmoreland and Vietnam vets.

If forced to predict, I expect the following phrase to describe CBS's mea culpa:

"modified, limited hang—out."

There's an old saying to the effect that we sometimes become what we hate. Seems to be true for Dan Rather.

Thomas Lifson  9 20 04