Watching the watchdogs


Today's WSJ (p. A4) tells us something about the "watchdogs" attacking DeLay which I'm certain you won't find elsewhere.
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington's Executive Director worked for Democratic lawmakers John Conyers and Joe Biden, and documents filed with the IRS indicate its donors include Barbra Streisand and a charitable organization run by Democratic fundraiser Smith Bagley.Its Board members include Clinton fundraiser Mark Penn.  This organization spearheaded the two—year drive against DeLay during which time contributions to it have substantially increased..
Common Cause, also deeply involved in the anti—DeLay drive   has as its President and CEO Chellie Pingree who once ran as the Democratic Senate candidate from Maine.
Public Citizen's President Joan Claybrook was a Carter administration official and a contributor to John Kerry in the last presidential election.
Campaign Legal Center received $350,000 from the Soros—funded Open Society Institute which increasingly seems to be the shadow Democratic party.
Clarice Feldman   5 10 05