We're rich. You're not. Nah, nah, Nah!


Shattering the glassy complacency that European socialism produces greater wealth and security, an American expat now residing in Oslo reveals some startling truths to readers of the New York Times. They might come as quite a shock to many on the Upper West Side....
Oh sure, there is room for quibbling about quality of life issues and cultural priorities eg, bigger cars, bringing lunch to work, necessity of ordering out for pizza — (ok, ok, that last iten is necessary).
But  our American in Oslo, who originally seemed to believe in the myth that the European socialist way was so much better, is surprised that in so many areas it isn't.  But what is even more surprising to him is  Norwegian smugness and their close minded refusal to admit some problems exist as do alternative solutions.
George Orwell anyone?
Ethel C. Fenig  4 17 05