Who is an 'African-American'?


The New York Times highlights a brewing controversey over just who is entitled to be called 'African—American.' I think a neutral third party, maybe Teresa Heinz Kerry, should moderate the discussion over who is a more authentic African—American: those born in this country or those born in well, Africa, or maybe even south of the US border.  And in the interests of inclusiveness let's remind the debaters Egypt and Morocco, two other countries which have been recently supplying us with immigrants, are in...Africa.

Posted by Ethel C. Fenig  8 30 04

People are entitled to chose their own ethinic identifiers. But I think that six syllables are too many. How about a four syllable rule? Even better, let's figure out how many generations until we drop all hyphenated forms, and jsut call ourselves Americans. I have already done so, and my father wasn't born in this country.

Posted by Thomas  8 30 04