Who's exploiting the war dead


Matt May raises an important point on his blog:

In various video and still photographs of the Cindy Sheehan Circus, there appears to be a spot near the big tent where white crosses have been set with the names of American soldiers who have given the supreme sacrifice in Iraq.

If there are crosses for every single soldier who has died in Iraq, one wonders if Ms. Sheehan has asked permission of all of the soldiers' families if it would be fine with them to use the name of their familiy member in this particular protest. Did Ms. Sheehan clear it with the mothers of soldiers who understand what the fight is about and support the war and support the President of the United States? Did she okay the use of the marked crosses with the fathers who could not be more proud of sons and daughters who gave their lives for the cause of human freedom?

Until Ms. Sheehan and her band of protestors have contacted, asked for and received permission from each and every family to use the name of their late son or daughter in this protest, she should kindly remove the crosses of all those who have not acquiesed in this charade.