Why I am optimistic


D. J. Drmmond of Polipundit neatly sums up the reasons why I am so optimistic about the fate of the Supreme Court. Tbe Democrats have backed themselves into a corner with the deal they cut on filibusters. If they attempt to filibuster a SCOTUS nomination, they will be nuked. And for all their screaming, they will lose.

Even better, there is a looming wave of retirements. D.J. reckons that it ispossible that Bush will appoint as many as five new justices. I looked at the court and came to the same conclusion, but superstition has prevented me from saying or writing it. But there it is.

There is quite a good chance that we will have an Originalist court majority by 2008. I can barely contain myself. The ramifiations are enormous, simply because the Supreme Court has abused its power and become such an active legislator.

Thomas Lifson   7 10 05