Why Iranians love President Bush


Gary Metz, of regime change Iran, provides an excellent analysis of the pro—American, pro—Bush attitudes of Iranians, especially younger Iranians. Basically, they love whatever their hated Mullahs despise. That, plus the availability of satellite television and the internet in millions of households, explains the striking support for America and its president.

Gary cautions that all of this could dissolve into nationalistic ant—Americanism, should the United States take military action against Iran. This strikes me as fundamentally true and important. The United States must push for domestic change in Iran, rather than attempt a pre—emptive strike against Iran's nucleat facilities, which are supposedly deep—buried and dispersed in populated areas.

President Bush's State of the Union speech signal to the Iranian people was heard and noted by those opposing the regime. Let us hope that the mullahs are toppled before they are able to realize their nuclear ambitions and move to obliterate Israel.

Thomas Lifson  2 14 05