Yes, you, Senator Frist


The faithful in 44 states gave up pulpit time to Senator Bill Frist on a broadcast called 'Justice Sunday.'  The Senate Majority leader explained that the Democrat filibusters of judicial nominees were wrong and unprecedented.  My church did not participate in this program.  Instead, our little congregation heard a message about 'faith.'  While we examined a number of scriptures, we eventually hit upon the 'faith without works is dead' passage.  Senator Frist and other Senate Republicans should keep that scriptural instruction in mind by finally exercising the constitutional option to end the filibusters.

In other words, thanks for coming to us, but get the job done already!  Go ahead and change the rules that will get justices—in—waiting, like Janice Rogers Brown and Pricilla Owens, their deserved up—or—down on the Senate floor.  Why are you belly—aching and explaining to us?  We sent you to Washington to be the majority.  Start acting like it! 

As for Democrat criticisms of Frist even coming to church, my response is, ever hear of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?  These empty—collar charlatans call themselves 'reverend' and are consistently bringing forth Democrat dogma in the name of God.  From their lips come 'Jesus said this' and 'Jesus said that' and nary a complaint heard from the Left. 

While the church is grateful to hear from our elected leaders, it is more important for our elected leaders to hear from us.  Had 'Justice Sunday' been a two—way conversation, Frist would have been asked, 'Why are we even having this conversation? What you're proposing should have been done a long time ago, right?' 

The next time Frist comes to church, let's lay hands on the man and pray that he would become bold and courageous.  Like Gideon in the Old Testament, let's prophesy that this good and humble man is actually a 'mighty man of valor'.  Gideon's response was 'who, me?'  If Frist responds in kind, we will answer, 'yes, you'.  Now go with God.  We need the pulpit time for things like salvation, healing and deliverance.

James Estrada  4 25 05